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Whether through full-day workshops to keynote addresses and everything
in-between, allow me to show you how to move beyond what is and embrace
what could be, improve personal performance in health, finances, and
relationships, increase personal and professional goal-setting, and
achieve maximum performance in your current job or occupation.







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A Leadership Developer
& C
areer Coach

Best-selling author Bobby Kipper is an engaging, inspirational leadership developer and career coach who has a record of delivering valuable actionable strategies with audiences and workshop participants. He speaks to a wide variety of organizations and corporations whose members want to achieve their fullest potential in both their career and their personal lives.

Bobby is dedicated to helping people succeed and in helping people and organizations communicate more effectively with diverse populations. He is a sought-after leadership developer and career coach for groups of all kinds.


Schedule Bobby to conduct one of his signature workshops for your organization or business. He is an engaging facilitator who will involve the participants from the start.


When you leave one of Bobby's workshops you will be more motivated than ever before. Bobby provides participants of his workshops will real-world steps that they can put into practice and see results right away.

Schedule Bobby to engage your organization's or company's members. 

Keynote Speaker

Have Bobby speak at your next event. He is an energizing, informative speaker who will motivate your attendees to achieve more in every facet of their lives.


Bobby can speak on a wide variety of topics, but his signature topic, "Performance Driven Thinking," is what really gets standing ovations from audiences.


People Want To Know

The questions that Bobby is asked most often pertain to what topics he speaks on and how many people he can accommodate. If you don't see your question here, contact Bobby.

What topics can Bobby speak about?

Although Bobby can speak on a wide variety of topics, his signature presentations include "Performance Driven Thinking," "Performance Driven Leadership," "Diversity Driven Policing," and "Performance Driven Leadership in Public Safety." Contact Bobby to inquire about other topics.

What size group can Bobby accommodate?

Bobby has spoken to groups of all sizes, so he can accommodate groups of 10 to 1,000. The ideal size for any given presentation depends primarily on the topic and the format that is desired.

How can we schedule Bobby to speak to our organization?

It's easy! Just complete and submit an Event Request Form and we will be in touch.






Flash Facts

  • Sought-after workshop facilitator
  • Founder and Director of National Center for Prevention of Community Violence
  • Energizing public speaker


Bobby Kipper began his career with the Newport News Police Department in 1977. During his 26-year career, he served in the areas of patrol, investigations, media relations, and as executive assistant to the Chief of Police. Following his decorated 26 years’ service with the department, he served as the director of Virginia’s Gang Reduction Program at the Office of the Attorney General

Bobby is the founder and director of the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence. His expertise in the area of community and school violence prevention has been recognized by the White House, Congress, and a number of states across America. His best-selling book, “No Colors: 100 Ways to Keep Gangs from Taking Away Our Communities,” has been instrumental in developing gang reduction programs in communities across America.

Bobby was recently honored with being selected from an international pool of applicants to serve with End Violence Against Women International as board member. He is actively involved in preventing community violence and introduced his book “No Bullies: Solutions for Saving Our Children from Today’s Bully” to highlight the differences and how the issue can be addressed by parents and their communities.

His continued efforts in communities and policing have combined in his newest book released in January 2017. He teamed up with Virginia Tech professor Dr. Scott Geller which implemented Actively Caring for People (AC4P) after the Virginia Tech tragedy to promote healing and create a positive cultural change using behavioral science. Mr. Kipper worked with Dr. Geller to adapt the AC4P concept to law enforcement. This concept became a book; “Actively Caring for People Policing: Building Positive Police/Citizen Relationships.” This book is meant to work with current community policing programs using proven behavioral science methods to cultivate a more positive role in and with their communities.

In addition, he has developed and presented a number of courses with the University of North Florida, Institute of Police Technology and Management; University of Memphis, Mid-South Training Institute; and the International Association of Chiefs of Police in the key areas of prevention and organizational leadership. His current best-selling book, “Performance Driven Thinking,” is serving as a new direction for public safety leadership in America.

Bobby has been awarded with the F.B.I. Director’s Award for the fight against crime in America. In addition, during his police career he was recognized on three separate occasions with the Outstanding Contribution to Law Enforcement Award.

Great class and great instructor! Very knowledgeable!


Great job in interacting with the class to keep our attention!


The instructor was excellent. His presentation and skills were also excellent.