What Have We Learned From March Madness?

I read this morning that the two teams that played in the National Championship game in the NCAA tournament do not represent the best in college basketball.

When does opinion win over performance? Is it not about the best team on paper. It’s clearly the team that performs better. That’s what makes sports worth watching. Analysts spend way too much time telling us who is going to be successful on the court or field, but they leave out one essential element: “Performance.”

How does the underdog ever win when we measure ability on reputation and not Performance? The answer is simple. Performance starts with the act of combining the desire to accomplish with the will to achieve. It’s not about what you want. Everyone wants to win. It’s about the combination of both. This is called “Performance Driven Thinking” and is featured in my book written with David Hancock CEO of Morgan James Publishing.

Join me on a journey to embrace the greatest Performance of your life and remember: Performance is Not an Option.

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