Did You Wake Up To An Alarm Clock This Morning?

Millions of Americans dread the daily sound of their morning alarm clock.  The first thought, for many people, is that they “have” to get up. If you really think about it, you really are not “required” to get up every day. You choose to get out of bed and carry on with your daily responsibilities. 

Did you ever think how our day would go if we woke up not to an alarm, but an opportunity clock? How about changing “I have to get up” to “I get to get up” or “I have to go to work” to “I get to go to work.”

My friend and co-author Dr. E. Scott Geller, a distinguished professor at Virginia Tech, is a master at the power of positive consequences. He deserves credit for introducing me to the concept of how we view our status quo thinking that many times defeats us.

I think many people wake up with a defeated attitude before they even put their feet on the floor. So, tomorrow I challenge you to not be alarmed when you have to get up, but to look at each and every opportunity to grow, change and move forward. If this creates an issue then just think “what’s my alternative?”

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